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A boutique state of the Art Reformer Pilates Studio in Melbourne, covering all your Reformer styles from Clinical Pilates to Cardio, Strength and Tone classes. We limit our classes to a maximum of 9 per class.

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Joseph Pilates, the man behind “Reformer Pilates” was a gymnast & body builder, following on to professional boxer, circus-performer, and a self-defence trainer at police schools. During WW1 he developed a system that he named “Contrology”, which encouraged the use of the mind to control muscles, focusing attention on core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine. And so, Pilates was born.

He later created a Reformer Bed which is simply a narrow bed with a sliding carriage, straps, pulleys, and resistance springs which can be added or removed depending on his clients’ level of strength.

Reformer Pilates

Using the Pilates Reformer Machine, Reformer Pilates and is generally more intense & more dynamic than mat-based Pilates.

Our Classes

We offer Beginner and Intermediate Classes for EVERY…BODY. Choose from Reformer Classes, Clinical Classes and Private Sessions. 


View our timetable online and sign up for your session. Morning, afternoon and evening classes available for your convenience.

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Reformer Pilates for EVERY…BODY

Develop core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning.

Enjoy the Benefits of Clinical Pilates, Pre-Natal Pilates, Post-Natal Pilates, Reformer Pilates in Templestowe close to Heidelberg, Balwyn, Kew, Box Hill, Mont Albert, Blackburn, Doncaster, Park Orchards, Warrandyte, Eltham, Ringwood, Ivanhoe and only 35 mins from Melbourne!