About Stretch Co.

A boutique state of the Art Reformer Pilates Studio located in Templestowe, Melbourne.

About Stretch Co. Pilates

Stretch Co. is a boutique state of the Art Reformer Pilates Studio covering all your Reformer styles from Clinical to Cardio, Pre and Post-Natal Pilates, Strength and Tone classes, with a limit of 9 clients per class. 

We focus on individual needs and goals to help you achieve them with our experienced and passionate Instructors.

The Inspiration Behind Stretch Co. Pilates?

In 2000, I had a horse riding accident fracturing 4 vertebrae and my coccyx bone. Injuring my back was the most painful and life stopping experience, particularly being told “you will never be able to train, exercise or live a pain free life”!

After 6 months of recovery and various treatments to relieve the pain and trying to forget it ever existed, enter Pilates! I began successfully building and designing the strongest body I could have! Pushing all physical boundaries created by my injuries and enjoying all different fitness and training systems from Bikram yoga to Crossfit; going so hard, I developed tendonitis in both thumbs, wrists, tennis elbow and bursitis in my shoulder and had to give up most of my training..

With a 1.5 year break and feeling sluggish, flabby and out of control of every single muscle in my body, I tried Pilates on the reformer and it was LIFE CHANGING!

Guided by an amazing, experienced Instructor I strengthened, mobilized and rehabilitated my injuries, bringing my strongest and fittest body back onto the road to recovery: fixing the problems not just ‘bandaiding’ the problem. It was the best injury management that had instant relief and strengthening properties.

Wanting to share this amazing healing and strengthening system and making it accessible to the everyday pain sufferer – Stretch Co. Pilates was born.

Stretch Co. Pilates prides itself on having professional, award-winning, highly-qualified Instructors who will guide and care for your injuries.

“The studio has a great vibe and you instantly feel comfortable and reassured. Instructors are knowledgeable and helpful and don’t make you feel stupid. I have worked muscles I didn’t know I had and had fun while doing it!”

Kylie Lewis

Modern, fresh and a great vibe! loved the classes with Amber and Kate.. both are excellent instructors and made me feel very comfortable is I’m new to reformer. I look forward to each class. Just what Templestowe needed!

Julia Basa

Reformer Pilates for EVERY…BODY

Develop core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning.